2007 Costa Rica Surf Adventure

Tony and Dad woke up bright and early on New Year’s Day and caught a 7AM flight to Costa Rica to spend a week surfing with our friends from Jesse’s Gym and Surf school (www.samarasurfschool.com).  Yep we boarded the Unamog and braved “treacherous raging rivers” to surf six different spots such as San Miguel, Coyote, Navara, etc. and had a great time.

On one of the trips, we stopped at a turtle preserve outside of Coyote to check out the hatchery.  We were in luck.  Just as we got there, a nest of nearly 60 turtles began hatching, and rising out of the sand.  What a sight.  We then let them go at the beach and watched them waddle to the shore break as they were on their own to survive in the ocean.  The turtles need to crawl their way to the break so that they can exercise their legs and arms for the long paddle and orient themselves to where the females will return to where they were hatched to lay their eggs once they are of age.

We also met some great people.  Constance and Ingo (far right)were our surf guides and what a hoot.  Both are outdoors experts (they provide wilderness training and guide in Alberta Canada) and a barrel of laughs.  Winnie and Connie (Asian babes) are sisters who we were lucky enough to have join us.  They were up for anything and great companions.  Tony felt better after taking a stool softener.  All that rice you know.

Here are a few more pictures and stories.  Either click on the “slideshow” or arrow down to page through the pictures one at a time.  Enjoy and don’t forget to drop us a line in the Guestbook!