June 21, 2006 was a momentous day in our lives.  On this day our last child, Stephanie, left the nest to begin college and some day, A CAREER.  While we love our children more than life itself, Joan and I can now get back to living the life that was placed on hiatus over 21 years ago with the birth of our son, Tony.  This little website documents our lives from this point on, not to brag about what we are doing, but to serve as a living diary so our family and close friends can keep up with our escapades and remind us all that life is for living.  So enjoy the stories, pictures, and events of our lives and read our reviews of restaurants, wines, etc. as Joan and I do our best to struggle through “Empty Nest Syndrome” while we spend our kids’ inheritance!:)

By the way, you’ll notice that we do not list our full name, Email addresses, or telephone numbers.  Like I said, this website is meant for our family and close friends.  These folks already know who we are and know how to contact us.  We prefer our anonymity in order to keep the crazies of the world at bay. So if you stumbled onto our website by accident, ENJOY!  Who knows, maybe some day we will run into you at a great restaurant or vacation spot and we can add one more name to our list of close friends.

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